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Nestlé Baby Product Overview.

We understand that as a mother every single decision you make counts. How you feed your baby – and when – are two of the most important and personal decisions you’ll make. That’s why starting right from the beginning, with the right nutrition, at all the right times, is so important. Because you want the best for your baby’s future. And, so do we.  At Nestlé we pride ourselves on making sure you and your baby have a healthy future together by giving you complete and nutritious feeding options that help nourish your little one for a lifetime, along with information, advice and support at every stage of your baby’s development - right from the start. It’s what every mother wants, what every growing baby needs, and what goes into every Infant Nutrition product we make.

More of a good thing – for you and baby.

Nestlé is pleased to welcome a new addition to it’s family – Gerber. We believe you and baby deserve the best and together we’ll provide you with even more expertise in everything baby – more infant nutrition, more research and innovation, and more mommy know-how.  Together, Nestlé & Gerber have made an unwavering commitment to a healthier generation, one baby at a time. It’s our pledge to support the healthy growth and development of babies around the world.  And, you’ll see this commitment in everything we do - bringing you and baby innovative and trusted feeding solutions from birth through preschool, and everything in between.

Nestlé & Gerber:  A history of growing healthy, happy babies.

Nestlé’s infant nutrition roots date back over 140 years to 1867 and the town of Vevey, Switzerland, when a local pharmacist named Henri Nestlé saved the life of a neighbour’s child who was unable to breastfeed. The baby thrived on a special nourishing mixture Henri created. It was the world’s first infant formula. Since then Nestlé has continued to research, innovate and support the unique needs of growing infants around the world.

Gerber’s history of raising happy, healthy babies started in 1927, in the kitchen of Daniel and Dorothy Gerber with a simple yet innovative idea and some helpful advice from their pediatrician to hand strain solid foods for their 7 month old daughter. The couple continued this novel, time saving approach to feeding their little one by straining all natural fruits and vegetables at the family’s Fremont Canning Company. In 1959 Gerber continued its history of baby innovation by developing the “safety button cap” the very first tamper evident packaging – helping to protect babies everywhere.

Nestlé and Gerber share a philosophy of giving baby the best in everything we do and together we are the trusted infant nutrition company that can truly grow with you and your little one, giving your baby the best start – with every start. Whether you’re beginning Infant Formula, introducing Baby Cereal, taking that first step into toddlerhood or jumping into preschool with Gerber Foods. We’re with you every step of the way. Ensuring a lifetime of healthy smiles for you and baby. 

 We’re always here to help you and baby find the right nutrition at the right time.

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