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Transitioning to a 2nd Stage formula

Be sure to talk to your healthcare professional first, and then gradually combine formulas as you transition to 2nd stage infant formula. That way your little one will be less likely to notice a change in taste.

  • Day one: do not offer your baby 2nd stage formula, rather continue feeding starter formula;

  • Days two and three: mix 3 parts starter formula with 1 part 2nd stage formula;

  • Days four and five: introduce 2 parts 2nd stage and 2 parts starter formula;

  • Days six and seven: you can offer your baby 3 parts 2nd stage formula and 1 part starter formula;

  • Day eight: only offer your baby 3 parts 2nd stage formula.

By gradually combining formulas your baby will have a smooth transition from breast milk or starter formula to his 2nd stage infant formula.


Changing formulas should be done gradually. For a smooth transition for baby, use the following chart. If you combine formulas your baby will be less likely to notice if there has been a change in taste.

For each feeding combine:
Starter Formula + 2nd Stage formula
Day 1 GOOD START® 0 parts
Day 2 3 parts + 1 part
Day 3 3 parts + 1 part
Day 4 2 parts + 2 parts
Day 5 2 parts + 2 parts
Day 6 1 part + 3 parts
Day 7 1 part + 3 parts
Day 8 0 parts GOOD START® 2 with Omega-3 & 6 only

If you have any questions about transitioning your baby to 2nd stage infant formula, please call the NESTLÉ BABY nutrition line toll free at 1 800 387-5536.

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