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Nourish your toddler’s growth and development

By the age of two your toddler’s brain will have tripled in weight. The
development of his brain is largely shaped by his adventures, the food he
eats and how much mental stimulation he receives from you. GOOD START 3
Toddler Transition* contains DHA & ARA which are important building blocks
for the brain and help support normal physical brain and eye development.

Your busy toddler is stepping out into the world, exploring new places and
meeting new friends. Which is why keeping his tummy happy is as important
as ever. Your toddler's digestive system is lined with a naturally protective
barrier called the digestive tract flora. Probiotic B. lactis contributes to
keeping this barrier healthyǂ. GOOD START 3 Toddler Transition* contains
Probiotic B. lactisǂ. His tummy will be smiling as much as he is.

By the age of two your toddler will have nearly doubled in height.
He is discovering a whole new world of adventures including standing up,
running and even jumping. GOOD START 3 Toddler Transition* can help fuel
these fun-filled activities with 27 nutrients, including 24 vitamins and
minerals to help maintain your toddler’s good health.

Whether it’s his first morning at daycare or the first time he holds a fork to
feed himself, each new toddler adventure tells you that baby is growing up. New
GOOD START 3* is the only toddler nutritional supplement with Probiotic B. lactisǂ,
which contributes to healthy digestive tract flora. So you can feel confident your
little one is ready for any adventure toddlerhood brings.

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