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NESTLÉ GERBER® Infant Snacks (Puffs)

Finger foods are an important next step in baby’s solid food adventure. Health Canada’s nutrition and feeding guidelines for babies and toddlers emphasize offering babies finger foods to encourage self-feeding. For older babies, it is important that finger foods are part of a diet that provides a variety of textures1.

Choose wisely and select finger food snacks that are appropriate for the age and developmental stage of your baby – like NESTLÉ GERBER Puffs. NESTLÉ GERBER offers a selection of wholesome snacks that are designed by experts with your little one’s development – and good nutrition – in mind. NESTLÉ GERBER Puffs make a great 1st snack to help your baby develop fine motor skills.

Your little crawler might be ready for NESTLÉ GERBER PUFFS if they are:

  • Crawling with stomach off the floor
  • Starting to self-feed with fingers
  • Starting to use their jaw to mash food with or without teeth.1

Try starting with My 1stTM Puffs, and once your little one is ready to explore new tastes, try all the delicious flavours of NESTLÉ GERBER Puffs to find your baby’s favourite.

What makes NESTLÉ GERBER PUFFS perfect for little crawlers?

They’re age appropriate.

  • Their size and texture was designed by experts to encourage early chewing – ideal for babies at this stage
  • The star shape isn’t a happy coincidence – the special ridges allow for more contact in baby’s mouth, so they start to dissolve right away
  • The star shape also makes them easy to pick up so they’re perfect for pincer practice
  • They’re a fun touch and taste experience for baby’s senses

They’re a wholesome choice.

  • There’s no added salt*
  • They’re an excellent source of important nutrients, like iron+ and zinc+**
  • They’re made with whole grain
  • They don’t make much mess – no bib required

All NESTLÉ GERBER Puffs are made entirely from non-GMO ingredients.

Did you know?

Cereal-based foods specifically designed for babies under 12 months are not allowed to contain added salt. That’s because baby foods have extra strict nutrition guidelines in Canada.