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Most expectant moms are interested in being physically active during pregnancy because they know exercise is a great way to stay healthy and happy. This collection of exercises is designed to help you stay in shape while helping to prepare your body for giving birth. Watch the videos to see the exercises in action.

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Exercise & Pregnancy: What you Need to Know

For most pregnant women, exercise has many physical, mental and emotional benefits. During the first, second and third trimester exercise helps to keep your energy level up, control your weight gain, and build up the stamina you'll need for childbirth. It's important to choose a type of exercise that you enjoy, and that your doctor deems safe during pregnancy. Not all forms of exercise are appropriate during pregnancy so talk with your doctor before beginning any exercise routine during pregnancy.

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Exercise During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time for healthy lifestyle changes. Just like a healthy diet, regular exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle, which is even more important now because soon you’ll have a little person to think about. But before running out the door, it is important to check with your doctor about exercising during pregnancy. Getting the green light from your healthcare provider is important before beginning any exercise program but this is especially true during pregnancy. While in many cases exercise during pregnancy will provide you with countless benefits, there are cases where exercise is not recommended to pregnant women.

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