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Choosing your Birth Team

You might think it’s too early to start planning for the big day, but it’s never too early to starting thinking about what kind of birthing experience will be the ideal one for you. Or, you may have been planning for a baby and knew who would care for you during pregnancy even before you conceived. In either case, your pregnancy and birth team will probably include medical professionals, childbirth experts and supportive loved ones.

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Birth Plan

Labour can be unpredictable – but it’s still important to think about and plan for your ideal birth. Every woman who’s had a baby will tell you, you can’t really plan for your baby’s birth because your schedule isn’t necessarily the same as your baby’s – your little one will arrive when she’s ready to. Putting your requests and wishes in writing will help you feel more in control, and can help your birthing team, nurses and doctor make decisions best suited for you – and your baby."

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Bringing Baby Home: Infant Car Seats

There are so many things to do before bringing baby home from the hospital. One thing is for certain, if you have a car, you’ll need a properly-installed rear-facing infant car seat to bring your baby home safely.

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Your Birth Plan & Signs of Labour: Getting Ready for the Big Day

What to expect at your healthcare provider’s office in the third trimester

In your third trimester, your visits to the doctor or midwife will increase from once a month to once every other week. Then once you hit your thirty-sixth week, you will likely go every week. Frequency of prenatal visits can vary according to your particular situation.

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What to Pack for the Hospital When Having a Baby

Packing for the hospital is not quite as simple as packing for a weekend trip since you leave home pregnant, and return with an extra bundle of joy. Your baby will need some amenities and don’t forget your labour coach either. Here's what to pack for the hospital when having a baby.

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After Delivery

Meeting your newborn baby for the first time is one-of-a-kind experience. You may be surprised by her interest in studying your face. Your baby has spent the last 9 months getting comfortable with your voice and smell but after delivery will be the first time she’ll lay eyes on you.

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Recovering After Birth: from Emotional Aspects to Kegel Exercises & More

So the big event is over, but the adventure's just begun! The first 6 weeks after birth, often called the postpartum period, is a time when you’ll be recovering from birth and going through major lifestyle changes. You'll find that soon after giving birth, you will begin to adjust to your new exciting role as primary nurturer. There are two sides to recovering after birth: emotional and physical.

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