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Materna Journey

Motherhood Starts with Materna
From planning, pregnancy and beyond, this incredible journey is filled with ups, downs and lots of love. Get both you and baby off to a healthy start. Choose Nestlé Materna – the #1 Doctor Recommended1 prenatal multivitamin. Just one tablet a day helps fulfill your vitamin and mineral needs at every stage, so you can confidently take your first step into this exciting journey called motherhood.
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The first time we tried with intent
Materna before conception
Get your body ready for what’s to come. Start taking a daily prenatal multivitamin that contains folic acid. It’s essential for baby’s spine and brain development, especially during your first few weeks of pregnancy.
The first time we tried with intent
Materna during early pregnancy
Eat well and don’t forget to take your daily prenatal multivitamin with calcium. You’ll need extra now to protect your bones and to help baby grow hers.
The first time I realized I wasn’t alone
Materna as baby grows & develops
Get your daily dose of iron. A prenatal multivitamin like Materna helps support the changes to your body, and to the little one inside you.
The first time I realized I wasn’t alone
Materna while breastfeeding
Taking care of you is taking care of baby. To make sure you’re getting the extra vitamins and minerals your body (and baby) needs while breastfeeding, eat healthy and take a multivitamin – like Materna.
One vitamin for every stage of pregnancy
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