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Welcome to the Start Healthy, Stay Healthy™ Baby Digest online resource page. Here you’ll find links to insightful articles, helpful mommy tools and online video demonstrations from our baby digest series; all designed with just one thing in mind – helping you and baby every step of the way.

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Planning for baby


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Whether you’re pregnant or have just recently given birth, this is the beginning of a journey of a lifetime – an amazing one you’ll never forget. From now on, every day will be an adventure in new experiences. We’re here to help offer guidance, advice and a friendly, helping hand. And of course some good nutritional advice. Look below for links to helpful tools, tips and videos to make this new time with your baby even more wonderful than it already is. Smile, the ride has just begun.

Are you already a nutrition expert? Assess your healthy eating know-how by taking our prenatal nutrient quiz.
Prenatal nutrient quiz

Keep track of baby’s feeding. Try our simple-to-use baby feeding tool to help you monitor your baby’s daily nutrition.
Baby feeding chart

Growing has never been more fun! Download our baby boy or baby girl “growing baby tool” to help you monitor your little one’s growth during the first year.
Watch baby grow tool

Watch and learn how to breastfeed by viewing our step-by-step video; see a real mom learn how to breastfeed, from the proper technique to proper holds, it’s all right here.
Breastfeeding – watch & learn

Curious about formula? Know your options and learn about baby formula.
About Nestlé Infant formula

Mix, then... what? Watch a live how-to video on preparing infant formula in our unique “Watch & Learn” viewing area.
Preparing infant formula - watch & learn

Learning to juggle your new mommy world? Find time for yourself with these helpful tips to make the mom/life balance more manageable.
Tips for mommy time

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