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Baby Feeding Guide

Baby Feeding Guide

.As a mom there’s nothing more important than protecting your baby’s healthy growth and development. To help you get off to the right start, use this baby feeding guide as you navigate your baby’s nutrition from birth to pre-school.

Nutrition for every stage

As part of our unwavering commitment to nourishing a healthier generation, one baby at a time™ we’ve designed our Start Healthy, Stay Healthy™ Nutrition Guide with baby milestone icons to help make it easier for you to give your little one wholesome nutrition at every stage.

Whether you’re breastfeeding, have introduced formula or are about to embark on your first solid food adventure, simply refer to the developmental milestone appropriate for your baby and you’ll find nutritional info, feeding cues and health tips specific to your baby’s growth. So go ahead, take the first step to building a lifetime of healthy eating.

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