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Food Allergies

There is growing evidence that factors in the environment, including baby's first foods and the time of their introduction, can play a critical role when a child develops allergies.

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Baby at the Table

He likes it. He likes it not. As your 8-12 month old baby becomes more strong-willed, it can seem like he's getting more finicky by the day. Here's how to create a healthy eating environment and get your picky eater eating.

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Why Babies Spit Up

It may seem a little messy, but spit up is common and can occur whether you’re breastfeeding or formula-feeding*. Learn why babies spit up and try these 6 simple steps to help reduce spit up and help make feeding time a happy time.

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Tips for Picky Eaters

Introducing new foods to toddlers is always a surprise because one reaction is so different from the next, perhaps even different from the day before, even though you're serving the same food. But keep at it; it may take up to 10 tries before a picky eater decides they like something.

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